Give a Gift of Warmth and Hope

Sponsor a window for $50.00. Contribute now through this site's donate button to cover both the cost of the window and local labor to construct it.

The Windows of Hope Program was named for its centerpiece, the interior storm window, a simple effective insert for insulating existing exterior windows to reduce energy loss by as much as 10-20% per window by adding an equivalent of R2.3 worth of insulation. Easy and inexpensive to make, these simple wooden frames are fitted with two clear Mylar film sheets, which make a light-weight and easy to install window insert. If the window insulation is coupled with a low-cost energy audit and conservation education, a considerable reduction in energy cost and increased comfort can be achieved.

Windows of Hope is a community partnership which lowers residents’ utility costs while increasing comfort in their homes, increases the value of the community’s infrastructure while decreasing the negative impact on the environment, fosters interfaith and intergenerational partnerships, engaging members in hands-on service projects for their neighbors, and trains workers in basic carpentry skills, which provides them with a potential source of income.

Thus, Windows of Hope serves as a door to a range of energy efficiency and cost-saving measures: local employment opportunities, community building efforts, and addressing the harmful impacts of climate change.